Itinerari - Alla Scoperta della Ciclabile Dobbiaco-Lienz: Un Viaggio Tra Italia e Austria

The Dobbiaco-Lienz cycle path, also known as part of the Drava cycle path (Drauradweg), is a route that extends for approximately 49 km through breathtaking mountain landscapes, picturesque villages and enchanting natural areas, offering a unique cycling experience between Italy and Austria. Thanks to its gentle descent, it is suitable for cyclists of all levels, including families with children, and allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the Alps without great physical effort. The Dobbiaco-Lienz cycle route is one of the most fascinating and accessible cycling experiences connecting Italy to Austria through breathtaking views of the Alps. This route along the Drava River offers a picturesque escape into nature, ideal for cyclists of all ages and levels of experience.

The itinerary

Starting from the Dobbiaco train station, in Trentino-Alto Adige, the route descends gently through meadows and woods until reaching San Candido. From here, you proceed towards Versciaco and Prato alla Drava, where you cross the Austrian border and continue through the enchanting towns of Sillian, Strassen, Abfaltersbach, Assling and Leisach, until you reach Lienz, in East Tyrol.

The Difficulty

Thanks to a positive difference in altitude of only 569 metres, mainly downhill, and an asphalted cycle path, the journey from Dobbiaco to Lienz is considered easy, with an estimated duration of between 2 and 3 hours, excluding stops.

What to See and Do Along the Route

The route offers several opportunities for memorable stops:
- San Candido: with its pedestrian area and the collegiate church.
- Sillian: where the Wichtelpark playground is located, ideal for a fun break, especially if you are traveling with children.
- Heinfels: to explore the Loacker World of Goodness .
- Thal: where theVitalpinum natural wellness park is located.
- Amlach: with the suggestive Galitzenklamm Gorge .
- Arriving in Lienz, you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the city and treat yourself to a well-deserved lager.

How to Return

The return to Dobbiaco can be done comfortably by train, with the possibility of transporting bikes. The Austrian Railways offers carriages reserved for bicycles, allowing for a worry-free conclusion to this cycling adventure.

Bike Rental and Practical Advice

In Dobbiaco, you can rent bikes from Papin Rent a Bike , located near the train station, with a wide range of options to choose from. Due to the nature of the route, a city bike without an electric motor is often the recommended choice. Rental prices vary seasonally, with a slight increase in August.

A Unique Journey

Experienced cyclists and beginners can enjoy this unparalleled crossing, which is not only a physical exercise but also a total immersion in the natural and cultural beauty of the Alps. An experience worth living, the Dobbiaco-Lienz cycle path promises indelible memories and views that are difficult to forget.

Key Route Information:

  • Departure : Dobbiaco railway station, Italy.
  • Arrival : Lienz, Austria.
  • Length : 49 km.
  • Difference in altitude : Approximately 569 meters downhill.
  • Duration : Between 2 and 3 hours of cycling, excluding stops.
  • Difficulty : Easy, mainly downhill and asphalted route.
  • Attractions along the route : San Candido, Sillian, Wichtelpark playground, Loacker Goodness World in Heinfels, Vitalpinum natural wellness park in Thal, Galitzenklamm Gorge in Amlach, and Lienz.
  • Bike rental : Available in Dobbiaco and San Candido, with various options including city bikes and mountain bikes, including electric ones.
  • Return to Dobbiaco : Easily achievable by train, with the possibility of transporting the bike.

Useful Tips:

  • Water and Catering : Along the route there are numerous fountains where you can fill your water bottles and various restaurants and cafes to enjoy typical local dishes.
  • Equipment : Although the route is easy, it is advisable to wear comfortable cycling clothing and carry a repair kit for emergencies.
  • Weather : Check the weather forecast before leaving and prepare accordingly, especially in the mountains where the weather can change quickly.
  • Safety : Even if the cycle path is well signposted and safe, it is always important to respect the road rules and pay attention to other road users, particularly in sections shared with vehicles.

Overall Experience:

This cycle route offers an immersive experience in the nature and culture of the regions it passes through, making it ideal for a day trip or as part of a longer trip to the Alpine region. Whether admiring the Alpine views, exploring historic villages, tasting the local cuisine or simply enjoying the peace of the river route, the Dobbiaco-Lienz cycle path promises satisfaction and unforgettable memories for all cyclists.