Qual è il miglior ammortizzatore per e-bike ?

What is the best shock absorber for an e-bike?

Choosing the right shock absorber for your e-bike is crucial to improving your performance and comfort during your cycling adventures. Two main options present themselves: air shock absorbers and spring shock absorbers. The choice between them depends on various factors.

If you practice disciplines such as enduro or downhill , or if you use an e-bike, you should consider using a spring shock. This is because these disciplines put the suspension to the test, significantly increasing the temperature of the rear shock absorbers. Metal springs maintain their performance unchanged regardless of temperature or atmospheric pressure. Additionally, since e-bikes often face significant elevation changes, the springs provide much-needed performance consistency.

However, air shocks dedicated to gravity disciplines are emerging on the market. These shocks feature an external "piggyback" design that separates the pneumatic part from the hydraulic part, allowing for more precise adjustments and reducing performance degradation. Additionally, air shocks are slightly lighter, making them an attractive choice for disciplines that primarily require pedaled sections.

Overall, the choice between air and spring shocks depends on your intended use and your personal preferences. Spring shocks are best suited for gravity disciplines and high-temperature situations, while air shocks may be better suited to situations that require pedaling sections.